Bentonite for foundry

Bentonite for foundry

Price:US $50-600/MT
Product description:
1.Casting Bentonite.
2.Pass the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certifications.
3.Good air permeability,Good reusability,etc.

      “Huawei” bentonite used for Chemical, Coatings, Rubber pesticide, Fertilizer, Fodder, Medicine, Cosmetics, Paper making, Purifying water, Animal feed, Food grade for humas, Moisture absorption of water and others.

Bentonite for foundry

      "Hua Wei" series casting bentonite is be used of green sand mold, drying mold,etc. for casting production. Be suitable for wet type, dry type, dry type, high pressure molding processes for various steel, cast iron production . Main features are as follows: 

1.Adding less, high strength. 

2.Good air permeability. 

3.High wet-heat tensile strength , high resisting sand inclusion ability. 

4.High temperature resistance. 

5 Good reusability. 

      As a core sand binder, make molding sand has good process performance, to improve casting surface finish, to ensure the quality of castings and improve yield.

      In recent years, our company has developed and produced a new type of sodium bentonite and synergistic casting bentonite, with more excellent process performance, is the best right binder for foundry sand. 

Major Technique Data: 

"HuaWei"Sodium Based Bentonite



A.Why choose HW Group?

1) We are the STATE-LEVEL KEY HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE of manufacturing bentonite in China.

2) We are one of the largest bentonite manufacturer in China, and specialized in researching and developing bentonite for over 30 years. 

3) Own almost 1.5 million square meters bentonite mine with high Montmorillonite content. 

4) Own tens of state patented technologies. 

5) We are able to provide you the steady quality all the time with exclusively self-retained technologies. 


B. Partners of HW Group: 



C.The VIEWS of factory,mine,patented certificates,ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certifications.