Production capacity


      Bentonite Group Co., Ltd. Weifang Hua Wei is a national key high-tech enterprises, the world's leading bentonite processing technology, complete supporting production equipment and complete laboratory testing equipment, in the production of bentonite more than 30 tons, can meet domestic and international the needs of users.

      Weifang Hua Wei New Material Technology Co., Ltd. for domestic and foreign excellent biodegradable materials and products, the company offers low-cost solutions for the production of packaging materials; equipment production technology through simple transformation, production of biodegradable plastic products can provide solutions to many domestic and foreign plastic Enterprise Program.


1膨润土开采.jpg   2膨润土加工.jpg
Bentonite mining



Bentonite Processing
3膨润土加工.jpg   4膨润土包装.JPG
Bentonite Processing



Bentonite Packing
5BMSC生产线.jpg   6BMSC生产线.jpg
BMSC production line



BMSC production line