Do you have a favorite PlayStation game from the past but no longer have a console? You might think that your days of playing Driver or Tomb Raider are long gone, but with the help of a PS1 emulator or a PSX emulator, you can transform your PC into a gaming console. An emulator is pretty easy to explain, because it simply allows your computer to emulate the hardware and behavior of a gaming console. Have you ever tried to put a PlayStation game disc into your hard drive? Chances are that you were disappointed. This is due to the fact that PlayStation games discs will not play in your computer. You have to use a PS1 emulator or a PSX emulator to download the ROM of the game and play it through emulation form. Going to will enable you to find out more computer gaming information.

Used During Design Process

A PlayStation emulator comes into use during the design process of most PlayStation games. Creating games is made easy using emulators, because it allows the games to be manipulated on the computer. Now emulators are now accessible to more than just PlayStation game designers. You too can play any PlayStation game with an emulator on your computer. All you have to do is download the ROM.

Better Features

You can even expect better resolution and improved features when playing a PlayStation game using an emulator. You can use any controller that you have on hand, because game controller compatibility is improved with a PS1 emulator or a PSX emulator. If you don’t have a gaming controller you can just use your keyboard.

How to Download PS1 Emulator

To get started all you need is access to the internet on your computer. Now you can forget about hunting for a PlayStation console to play one of your old favorite games. Downloading a PS1 emulator or is as easy as accessing the internet. All you have to do is go online and open your internet browser. Then you simply go to PS and you have the ability to download the emulator to your PC. PS1 and PSX emulators are slightly different, so you have to choose the emulator based on the games you are interested in playing. Clicking the download emulator button automatically begins the download to your PC. Just choose the ROM of the game that you wish to play and it will begin loading in no time at all. The process is really

easy and takes only a few minutes to complete.