Can CBD Really Help Acne?

Can CBD Really Help Acne?

Acne. It’s the most common skin condition in the United States, with more than 50 million sufferers, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Around 85 percent of 12-24 year-olds experience at least minor acne, but this skin condition can extend well into adulthood and impact someone’s self-confidence.
If you suffer from acne, expensive creams and lotions might not work. Neither will nutrition. Or exercise. Or all of the things people claim will clear up your complexion. There could be a breakthrough, though. Research suggests that CBD might be beneficial if you experience acne.
Here’s everything you need to know:

1. CBD Could Reduce Sebum Production

Research suggests that CBD could reduce sebum — the yellow, sticky substance secreted by your sebaceous glands that keeps your skin moisturized. Although it’s a great natural moisturizer, too much sebum can cause acne. However, CBD could reduce sebum production and provide you with a clearer complexion.
“CBD oil may help reduce various types of acne thanks to its ability to adjust how the body creates sebum,” says Medical News Today. “Sebum is a waxy, oily substance the skin makes. CBD oil also has anti-inflammatory properties.”
You can buy various CBD-infused products that could help to slow down sebum production and improve acne, including moisturizers and serums.

2. CBD Could Reduce Bacteria

Bacteria thrive on your skin, and this can lead to acne breakouts. If you suffer from acne, infection from dirt and other pollutants on your skin could be the culprit. This isn’t just a case of not touching your face with dirty hands. Environmental factors could be causing bacterial problems, too.
Research from 2016 suggests that the cannabis plant might be effective in combating bacteria because of its anti-fungal effects. As a result, CBD-infused products can reduce infections from dirt and pollutants and potentially improve acne and other skin conditions.
Incorporating CBD-infused products into your skincare regime is pretty easy as you can substitute products that contain nasty chemicals with these skin-loving lotions and moisturizers.

3. CBD Could Improve Stress Levels

Research shows a correlation between stress and acne. The more stressed you are, some experts say, the more likely you are to experience an acne breakout.
“While stress alone isn’t the cause of acne pimples — age, hormones, acne-producing bacteria, and other factors are at play — it’s evident that stress can trigger breakouts and make existing acne issues worse,” says Time magazine.
Other research shows that CBD can be effective in reducing stress levels, which, in turn, can alleviate skin conditions like acne. CBD might be particularly effective for people who suffer from social anxiety.
“A small 2010 study found that cannabidiol could reduce symptoms of social anxiety in people with a social anxiety disorder (SAD). Brain scans of participants revealed changes in blood flow to the regions of the brain linked to feelings of anxiety,” says Medical News Today.
If you suffer from acne, you know how difficult it can be. This skin condition can not only affect your appearance but impact your self-esteem, too. There could be a solution. Research suggests that CBD could reduce sebum production, fight skin bacteria, and improve stress levels.
Incorporate CBD-infused skincare products into your regime and you could improve your acne over time. Click here to find out more!
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